• Boston Adjustable Bed
  • Premier SV Adjustable Bed
  • Windsor Adjustable Bed
  • Vogue Adjustable Bed
  • Premier Adjustable Bed
  • Finesse Adjustable Bed
  • Augusta Adjustable Bed
  • Beau Chalk Adjustable Bed
  • Beau Weathered Adjustable Bed
  • Stamford Adjustable Bed
Total Luxury From Oakdale

At Oakdale we can provide you with an individually designed adjustable bed; the length, width, height, fabric, colour and mattress density can all be manufactured to your personal specification.

Adjustable Beds from Oakdale

An Oakdale adjustable bed can be adjusted to improve your comfort when sleeping or relaxing in bed thus enabling you to put your body in a position that is simply the most comfortable. Being more comfortable is one of the best ways for you to enjoy blissful sleep and to wake up feeling totally re-energised.

Oakdale Premier Adjustable Bed Rosetta Adjustable Bed
Oakdale Premier Adjustable Bed Rosetta Adjustable Bed

There are many benefits to an Oakdale adjustable bed. When your body is correctly aligned, your bones and muscles are able to rest and rebuild themselves better while you sleep. Our special British Visco Elastic memory foam mattresses can help to increase circulation and reduce pressure on the rest of your body. The benefits are less swelling in the legs and feet, less back pain and more restful sleep each night.

Years of research and development has brought about the Oakdale range of adjustable beds. They can adjust to your every need, giving you the utmost in comfort and relief at the touch of a button! Raise your head, watch TV, lift your feet, relax in comfort and enjoy restful sleep, the choice is yours.

Oakdale is one of the few companies in the UK that manufacture a complete range of adjustable beds which have been designed for customers with medical conditions, general ailments or for those simply looking for a comfortable and stylish bed.

Finesse Bed

We make each of our adjustable beds especially to suit your particular needs in order to provide the height of luxury and blissful pain relief. Oakdale Adjustable Beds are ideal for sufferers of arthritic and rheumatic pain, hiatus hernia, back pain, stress and tension, poor circulation, oedema, asthma, cramps, insomnia etc. All our adjustable beds are electrically adjustable and come with an optional “five point” massage system built into the mattress.

  • Oakdale electric adjustable beds come in many different styles from sumptuous divans to luxury oak and hardwood bedsteads with matching bedroom furniture
  • Each style is available in a range of sizes or made to measure if required
  • Oakdale adjustable beds come in many different fabrics and colours
  • Oakdale adjustable beds can be manufactured in non-standard sizes to meet individual customer requirements
  • Oakdale adjustable beds have a 5 lever adjustable mechanism giving additional support to the head and neck
  • Oakdale adjustable beds come with British Visco Elastic memory foam mattresses
  • Oakdale Adjustable Beds can have an optional 5 point oscillating “cyclo” massage system built into the mattress
Recommended By The Medical Profession

Oakdale electric adjustable beds have proved extremely beneficial to sufferers of many different types of medical condition and are regularly recommended by the medical profession.

Adjustable Positions:

Adjustable Position - Flat
Adjustable Position - Head Support
Adjustable Position - Leg Support
Adjustable Position - Sitting
Adjustable Position - Contour
Head Support
Leg Support
Sitting Position
Contour Position

Fabrics and colours Oakdale Adjustable Beds

Suede Natural Colour
Chelsea Cream Colour
Reward Colour
New Christine Colour
Suede Natural
Chelsea Cream
New Christine
Suede Coffee Colour
Chelsea Tan Colour
Belmont Colour
Salt Wander Colour
Suede Coffee
Chelsea Tan
Salt Wander
Suede Charcoal Colour
Chelsea Black Colour
Cocktail Beige Colour
Cocktail Brown Colour
Suede Charcoal
Chelsea Black
Cocktail Beige
Cocktail Brown

This is a small sample of the Oakdale colour and fabric range – please call us on 01691 623 234 for a brochure and a material swatch... Read more »

Electric Adjustable Beds

Oakdale Beds gives you the opportunity to find your ideal adjustable bed today. We have a wide selection of gorgeous, opulent beds perfect for whatever your personality. At Oakdale we believe that electric adjustable beds should not lack style or great design – they should be even better than normal beds. We have some of the best adjustable beds for you to view online today or at our upcoming shows.

Why not browse through our stunning luxury electric beds collection and be amazed. Let us blast away preconceptions of traditional reclining beds and show you every detail of our luxury adjustable beds.

Choose from our premier combination adjustable bed, our Premier, Premier SV adjustable bed, Premier extra, Vogue, Boston, Brooklyn and Windsor, to name but a few. Each bed is designed with you in mind – if simplicity is your thing then opt for a premier style – if opulence and breath-taking style is more your thing, then why not choose a Louis VIII Chateau design. Choose between a wooden bedstead and headboard or a simple divan mattress base leaving scope to add your own personal touch. Whatever your budget and style – let Oakdale help you head towards a fantastic night’s sleep.

Adjustable Beds in the UK

Your adjustable bed shouldn’t make your bedroom any less than divine. We believe in high quality, durable and long lasting beds that make your everyday living easier as well as stylish. We also feel that these beds should not just be available for those with large bank accounts, we price every bed reasonably and realistically, meaning that obtaining an adjustable bed for your bedroom is closer than you think. As stockists of some of the best reclining beds in the UK we can supply you the bed you have been looking for. Your bed can be designed to suit you including its different features as well as its dimensions.

UK Electric Beds

Oakdale Beds offers the best electric beds in the UK taking into account the quality, comfort and range. Simply look at our collection to learn about every fantastic feature as well as its health benefits. All beds are remotely controlled giving flexibility and movement with ease. These luxurious reclining beds can be operated to move in a variety of different ways – from head to toe, sitting upright or slightly raised – every bed can accommodate whatever sleeping or resting position suits you. These adjustable beds are also ideal for those who may struggle to get in and out of bed as each bed can be moved to a suitable position that gives you more support.

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