Beau Chalk Adjustable Beds

"I have searched high and low for an adjustable bed which didn’t look like it belonged in a hospital. Thank you Oakdale for having the foresight to produce adjustable beds that are stylish and fashionable." C.W. (Cardiff)

The Beau range consists of two bed options, upholstered in either traditional linen cotton or hand woven cane. The linen cotton is produced on a traditional loom and the cane is hand woven. Applied by hand in a calming white paint, the painted chalk finish adds a feminine touch to the charming collection. French in style, the glamorous range would suit a maison style interior due to its delicate tranquil style.

The Beau Chalk is supported with a full bedroom furniture collection. The magnificent Beau cabinets are made using dovetail joint and tension joint construction and are fully hand-carved using traditional skills handed down through the generations. When considering an Oakdale Beau Chalk adjustable bed many people only see the advantage of being able to raise the user into a sitting position. However a good quality adjustable bed offers many other benefits to improve comfort and aid restful sleep. The option to raise yourself into a sitting position helps those with mobility problems when reading or watching television as well as allowing many people to get in and out bed unaided. Many users with respiratory illnesses can find sleeping with their heads slightly raised makes breathing easier and an adjustable bed can provide better support than using pillows alone.

The Oakdale Beau Chalk adjustable bed comes with our unique British Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses. Visco Elastic Memory Foam is an advanced specification polymer which was originally developed by NASA for the American Space Program to relieve the strong G-Forces experienced by astronauts during lift-off. Because of its unique pressure relieving properties, Visco Elastic Memory Foam has been developed for various commercial uses, and has been endorsed by many Medical Institutions, osteopaths and physiotherapists as well as being used extensively in many hospitals. Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses work by distributing the body weight more evenly than any traditional mattress, thus reducing pressure build-up which can lead to neck, back and joint discomfort developing during sleep. The more discomfort that develops during sleep, the more tossing and turning you will experience, interrupting those vital periods of deep delta sleep and leaving you feeling dull and jaded in the morning. By relieving this pressure build-up, Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses reduces and helps prevent a range of aches and pains including back pain, aching joints, sciatic pain, arthritis, rheumatism, circulatory problems and neck pain.

The mattress can also incorporate an optional five point independent massage system to aid relaxation and ease joint stiffness. It allows you to adjust the intensity of the vibration to suit your own preferences. This can range from a gentle wave sensation through to a more intense deep massage. All functions are operated with the use of a user friendly remote control unit, which is connected to the bed motor by a short lead. A matching range of Beau Chalk furniture is also available. The Beau Chalk bed is available either with a fully adjustable mechanism or simply as a bedstead.