Dear Sirs,

I'm writing on behalf of my wife and myself to say a big thank you to Oakdale for supplying our new adjustable bed.

We had it installed last month and we cannot believe the difference it has made to our lives. My wife now has no problem getting in and out of bed and says she hasn't slept so soundly in years. I use the massage every night and it really has helped with my Osteoarthritis, especially when I first get out of bed.

Your men were also very helpful and courteous when delivering the bed so once again many thanks.

Mr L. H.


Dear Mr Barlow-Evans,

A quick note to say how happy we are with our new Oakdale bed. My husband and I have had a rough time lately through ill health and our new bed has been just the ticket to help with our aches and pains and to get a good nights sleep.

Once again many thanks,

Ms S. R.


In the past we often woke up in the morning with aches and pains but since we have had our new bed this is definitely not the case!

With kind regards.

Mrs R. C.


Hi there,

I would like to thank the manager and staff, especially Terrie Pierson. I met Terrie at the Glasgow caravan show she explained to me what to look for in a good quality bed, with this information I looked around a few shops in Glasgow. But I could not find a bed of the same Quality, for the same price that Terrie quoted, so I went back to the SECC and purchased a bed from Terrie.

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, and the relief I get from sleeping in this bed is fantastic. My husband suffers from a bad back caused by lifting me for many years, he agrees with me it has been the best investment we have ever made.

Thanks again



May I say how pleased I am with the adjustable bed I purchased and amazed how comfortable it is.



Many thanks for replacing my mattress. Your swift attention to this matter is appreciated.



I am writing to thank you for your help with my Oakdale bed.

The new mattress arrived yesterday and was tested last night.

Well done you, well done Oakdale and many many thanks to you all.