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Over time, lack of sleep can have a debilitating effect on your physical and psychological health. It can lead to feelings of irritability and this can have devastating effects on relationships at home and at work. Constant tiredness can affect your performance at work and you may experience difficulty in concentration and maintaining alertness.

Many people have difficulty sleeping at some time in their life. However sleep is essential for the body to rebuild, repair and re-energise. Muscles and cells re-grow and recharge in readiness for whatever is to come the next day. You may find that while asleep your unconscious mind will solve many of the problems of the day.

Some benefits of a good night's rest:

  • Increased energy the following day
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Better long-term health
  • Getting enough sleep keeps you young
  • You will feel calm and in control

But the average night's sleep in the UK now averages about 90 minutes less than it did in the 1920s, when it was nine hours a night.

Sleep is not only essential for good health and development; it is also one of life's simple pleasures.

Sleep is the time of the day when our body rebuilds, repairs and re-energises for the next day. Sleep is essential for all body functions. Lack of sleep causes the entire body to age significantly, due to want of sufficient regeneration time for the cells of the external body. Sleep more and your skin will wake up fresh and new each morning.

Adjustable beds may provide relief from a variety of health problems such as:

  • Insomnia Losing sleep has negative effects on health. Research has shown that people who persistently get less sleep are more likely to be in traffic accidents, miss more work days, are less satisfied with their lives and more likely to become easily irritated.
  • Acid Reflux and Night-time Heartburn Pressure Distribution Medically called Hiatus Hernia, this means that part of your stomach has squeezed through an opening in your diaphragm and into your chest. This causes acid from the stomach to pass up into the oesophagus causing heartburn. It is estimated that a third of people over 50 have a hiatus hernia.
  • Osteoarthritis Individuals with osteoarthritis in the spine, or facet joint arthritis, often wake up feeling quite stiff and sore in the morning. Sleeping on an adjustable bed may possibly provide better support and therefore decrease the irritation by minimizing joint compression.
  • Spinal stenosis People with spinal stenosis most often feel more comfortable when bending forward instead of standing up straight. Likewise, sleeping on a flat mattress can sometimes be less comfortable for people with this condition than sleeping in the reclining position, such as that afforded by an adjustable bed.
  • Arthritis Sleep disruption is an overlooked consequence of arthritis. Fatigue also is recognized as a symptom of many types of arthritis, in the sense of being “worn out” or “lacking energy”. Better and deeper sleep is recognised as being very beneficial
  • Circulation Circulation is critical to our health. A deficient blood supply will impair our quality of life. Poor circulation causes harmful waste to accumulate and become trapped in the tissues. Circulation can be improved by elevation of the legs and massage.
  • Breathing Many conditions can make you feel short of breath such as asthma, emphysema or pneumonia. Heart disease can make you feel breathless if your heart cannot pump enough blood to supply oxygen to your body. Stress caused by anxiety can also make it hard for you to breathe. If you often have trouble breathing, sleeping in an elevated position can help.

Basically, an adjustable bed has the potential to help anyone who feels more comfortable in an inclined position (such as sitting on a recliner with the feet up) rather than when lying on a regular flat mattress. The following provides a few examples of certain health conditions and how an inclined position in an adjustable bed can sometimes help the patient feel more comfortable.

All Oakdale adjustable beds come with Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattresses. The mattresses can incorporate a 5 point massage unit, which aids sleep along with relieving illnesses, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

Foam Mattress The massage system allows, at your fingertips, either a full sensual body massage or a concentrated massage on one of five specific areas of the body. With varying levels of intensity and automatic shut off. Soothing waves massage your whole body with rolling wave action and can provide relaxation for restful sleep, and reduce aches and pains. Massage relaxes your muscles, helps relieve neck and back pain and also increases your circulation. It aids the release of stress and tension that has built up in your body throughout the day.

Oakdale Adjustable Beds are designed and crafted by professionals to give the customer many years of comfort, rest and relaxation.

Electric adjustable beds are not just meant for people with medical conditions. Adjustable beds can also be used by other individuals for a stress free and comfortable sleep.

We believe that with Oakdale adjustable beds you can get the best sleep ever. Oakdale adjustable beds have a 5 lever adjustable mechanism. This allows you to sit up in bed to read or to help you to get up and out of bed in the morning.

The optimum position for sleeping is with your head and feet both slightly raised so that the tips of your toes are level with the tip of your nose. This helps to relieve the tension from your lower back and greatly improves blood circulation around your whole body.