Experience Total Weightlessness

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress

Cool Plus® Mattresses

The Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress gives even pressure distribution while it supports and moulds to your individual shape

The mattress comes covered in the new Cool PlusĀ® fabric. The innovative fibre structure rapidly removes moisture away from the skin so surface moisture then quickly evaporates leaving you dry and cool.

Oakdale British Visco Elastic Memory Foam:

  • Complies with British and European Health regulations
  • Complies with British Fire Safety regulations (BS7177: 2008)
  • Are Hypo-allergenic and Anti-microbial
  • Our new Cool PlusĀ® fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • The micro fibre layer allows air circulation beneath your body adding to your coolness and comfort
  • Optional five point massage system

An Oakdale Visco Elastic memory foam mattress promotes a peaceful night's sleep by supporting the body and keeping the spine aligned. This keeps the body free from aches and pains during sleep. We should also remember that if most aches and pains occur in the morning it could simply be down to a poor or old mattress.

An Oakdale British Visco Elastic memory foam mattress moulds to the shape of your body, cradling it and preventing any areas where the body is not fully supported. This works by distributing the body's weight evenly and provides the whole body with support. This alleviates any aches and pains that build up during a night's sleep. Pressue Distribution

When in bed the spine needs to be aligned and maintain its natural curve so it is not under any unnecessary strain. A mattress that is too firm or too soft cannot provide the spine with the same level of support as a memory foam mattress. An Oakdale British Visco Elastic memory foam mattress reacts to the body's temperature and weight, moulding to the contours of the body giving full support to the back and hip area while cushioning the whole body.

One of the biggest benefits of an Oakdale British Visco Elastic memory foam mattress is its body contouring properties. A spring mattress will bend under a person's weight but it will also push back up and create areas where the body is supporting itself, most commonly the arch of the lower back. This can cause aches and pains over time.

Foam Mattress A spring mattress has been seen as the standard for many years, however recently memory foam mattresses have been becoming more popular due to their ability to support the whole body and provide unmatched comfort. A spring mattress may feel comfortable enough but it does not offer the same body contouring spinal support as an Oakdale British Visco Elastic memory foam mattress.

The Oakdale British Visco Elastic memory foam mattress can be manufactured to ANY size and ANY thickness to fit your existing divan base or bedstead. The most popular sizes are:

Oakdale mattress sizes
2'3 x 6'6 (67.5cm x 200cm)
2'6 x 6'6 (75cm x 200cm)
3' x 6'6 (90cm x 200cm)
4'6 x 6'3 (135cm x 192cm)
4'6 x 6'6 (4'6cm x 200cm)
5' x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)
6' x 6'6 (180cm x 200cm)

With an Oakdale Mattress:

  • You will get to sleep fast - naturally
  • Aches and pains will melt away
  • You will get a deeper and more restful sleep
  • Immediately you lay down you will experience pressure relief and be able to enjoy a feeling of total weightlessness