Orleans Adjustable Bed

Orleans Bed

In Solid Oak

Crafted from solid American white oak and oak veneers, the Orleans bed frame and furniture combines traditional French rustic design with a contemporary wood finish producing a range that is not only beautiful, but also full of character. The golden tones of the wood are enhanced by the subtle, soft lacquered finish. The Orleans range also has a complimentary collection of furniture to complete the look. The Orleans bed is available with a fully adjustable mechanism or simply as a bedstead.

Orleans Bed Sizes

Low End Bedsteads 135cm (WxDxH) 148 x 208 x 112
150cm (WxDxH) 163 x 218 x 112
180cm (WxDxH) 193 x 218 x 114
Bedsteads 135cm (WxLxH) 148 x 217 X 112
150cm (WxLxH) 163 x 227 x 112
180cm (WxLxH) 193 X 227 X 114
Orleans Low End Bedstead
Orleans Bedstead
Orleans Bedside Chest
Orleans Low End Bedstead (WxDxH) 176 x 65 x 205cm
Orleans Bedstead (WxDxH) 118 x 65 x 197cm
Orleans Bedside Chest (WxDxH) 60 x 53 x 110cm
Orleans Three Door Wardrobe
Orleans Two Door Wardrobe
Orlerans 6 Drawer Chest
Orleans Three Door Wardrobe (WxDxH) 155 x 65 x 200cm
Orleans Two Door wardrobe (WxDxH) 110 x 65 x 200cm
Orleans 6 Drawer chest (WxDxH) 105 x 49 x 118cm
Orleans 4 Drawer Chest
Orleans 7 Drawer Chest
Orleans Cheval Mirror
Orleans 4 Drawer Chest (WxDxH) 105 x 49 x 88cm
Orleans 7 Drawer Chest (WxDxH) 71 x 42 x 147cm
Orleans Cheval Mirror (WxDxH) 71 x 42 x 164cm
Orleans Dressing Table
Orleans Stool
Orleans Bedside Chair
Orleans Dressing Table (WxDxH) 126 x 49 x 78cm Gallery Mirror (WxDxH) 107 x 14 x 72cm
Orleans Stool (WxDxH) 42 x 39 x 42cm
Orleans Bedside Chair (WxDxH) 54 x 52 x 90cm