Versailles Adjustable Beds

Versailles Bed

"Lovely, lovely, lovely. Not only the height of style and elegance but the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in." T.P (Yorkshire)

A decadent and luxurious 1750's style bedroom range heavily influenced by the French romantic period of King Louis XV.

This was a time of love and prosperity, allowing furniture design to become frivolous and indulgent. The Versailles range perfectly reflects this lavish way of life with beautiful and intricate carvings all done by hand by some of the best carvers in the world. The utmost care, time and attention is taken to produce each piece, it takes nearly a week to carve the exquisite floral design on just one of these beds.

The finest material is selected from ethical sources around the world to produce this stunning range of furniture.

Oakdale Versailles adjustable beds are designed to make sleeping easier and more comfortable. Because our beds can be adjusted into a variety of positions they make getting in and out of bed easier and help aid certain medical conditions. An Oakdale Versailles adjustable bed can also be used by someone who is permanently or temporarily bed-ridden to make day-to-day life more comfortable.

There are several health benefits from an Oakdale adjustable bed. Adjustable beds ease swelling of the legs and ease back pain. They relieve soreness of the body and soothe neck and shoulder tension. They also relieve the symptoms of acid reflux and overnight heartburn. They provide relief for certain parts of the body such as the neck, spine and knees. Oakdale adjustable beds are especially helpful for people who have degenerative spinal discs, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and many other health issues. They are also ideal for people who have just had surgery. Adjustable beds also aid getting in and out of bed; relieving the heart muscle, thus making breathing easier.

The Versailles bed is available with a fully adjustable mechanism or simply as a beautiful bedstead. There is a choice of either 5’ or 6’ wide and a choice of hand-polished mahogany or sumptuously upholstered finish. A matching range of Versailles furniture is also available.

Versailles Bed Sizes

6' Adjustable Bed
To fit 180 x 200cm mattress
(WxDxH) 192 x 231 x 120
5' Adjustable Bed
To fit 150 x 200cm mattress
(WxDxH) 162 x 231 x 120

Versailles Furniture Range

The bed is complemented by a wide range of bedroom furniture which includes a collection of chests, wardrobes, bedside cabinets and four drawer dressing table.

Versailles 3-drawer bedside drawers
Versailles Bedside Drawers

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